Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pen on Paper

I love the feeling of a pen on paper.
Knowing that the words that appear
Flow not from the pen;
But from my heart and soul,
Through my finger,
Into the pen,
And onto the paper.
It's indescribable the feeling I get
When I see the creation of my thoughts;
Once scrambled in my head
Turned into beautiful words
By a pen on paper.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Writer's Block

It is in me I can feel it
Just bursting to get out
The words are begging to be released
Yet no matter how I try
They don't seem to come out just right
There are things I have written
That are good in their own respect
But the perfect words are there
Waiting for me to put them together
And make something beautiful
They are just stuck
I have reached a writers block
My words just can't seem to get past
The harder I try to free them
The more critical I become
Of the things that do appear
To the point that nothing I write is good enough
The words are driving me
To the edge of insanity
Forcing me to hold back
Until I have over come this obstacle
Put in the way of my creativity


wonderful... thanks for the memories...
you've shown me time and time again
that maybe i'm not anywhere
near the top of your best list
and yet i'll be here waiting
for when you decide you need me
ready to forget all those times you didn't

Monday, February 23, 2009

One Forget Me Not

A single lonely flower
falls to the ground
followed by a single tear

A reminder to her
from him of the
love the two shared

A note is the last thing
to fall from her hands
"I'll love you to the end
Forever your Forget Me Not"

The last thing he gave to her
is the last thing
she gives to him

Slowly they lower his
casket into the ground
along with one lonely
forget me not

*Credit for the photo

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fear in the Darkness

a tiny red ember in the darkness
brightens and then dims
a small cloud of smoke
rises into the sky
voices in the night
carry across the empty field
unknowingly being watched
by a stranger in the shadows
the clouds dissipate
and the moonlight reveals
its secrets of the dark
there is a scream
the sound of fast foot steps
minutes pass that feel like hours
finally it is all over
only silence is left
a small ember in the darkness
brightens and then erupts
a large cloud of smoke
rises into the sky
a stranger hides in the shadows
as the clouds once again
hide the secrets of the moonlight

Saturday, January 31, 2009


broken down
left for dead
covered in rust
and shattered glass
all that is left
is what i know
because those who did
have now forgot
no more music
or happy laughter
my days of adventure
have long been out numbered
now i sit
sore to the eye
watching the world
pass me by